truth or dare
Found-Footage-Videocollage, 16:9, Sound, 9 Min.

truth or dare, Found-Footage-Videocollage, 2019, Dominik Geis
"truth or dare", Found-Footage-Videocollage, 9 Min., 2019

truth or dare

The work "truth or dare" consists of four image surfaces (seemingly) floating in a dark room and is a poetic excursion in which an outdated homeland film aesthetic is set against the light of pop cultural formal elements. In this way, the so-called feeling of home is traced: confronted with a cliché-ridden concept of homeland, which, through the appropriation by various groups, has just been brought back into the picture, the work "truth or dare" negotiates the question of whether, under the given circumstances, one must actually "dare" to formulate one's own concept of homeland or must speak out right now against false sentimentality and the instrumentalisation of the same, pointing out that homeland as a concept can never be capable of truth because, as a mere affect, it eludes discursivation and at best expresses "felt truth".

Found-Footage-Videocollage, 16:9, Sound, 9 Min. 2019