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neon grey, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2021, Dominik Geis

Video vocal performance, 16:9, 2 microphones, sound, 25:00 min., 2021 | Photo: Katja Illner

Stigma, Videosstill, Found-Footage-Videocollage, 2020

Found-Footage-Videocollage, 16:9, 31:20 Min, 2020

the surge, 3-Kanal-Found-Footage-Videocollage, Dominik Geis

3-Channel-Found-Footage-Videocollage, 11:00 Min, 2020

while watching a three dimensional figure, cologne, 2020, Dominik Geis

3-Channel-Videocollage, 8:00 Min, + Dance-Performance, ca. 20 Min., 2020

pulse, 7-Kanal-Found-Footage-Videocollage, 2019, Dominik Geis

7 channel-found-footage-video-collage, 16:9, 18:45 min, 2019

the beauty of it, 3-Kanal-Found-Footage-Videoinstallation, 15:00 Min.,

3-Channel-Found-Footage-Videoinstallation, 3 projection screens each 400 x 225 cm, curtain, carpet, 48:9, sound, 15:00 min., 2018 | Photo: Ivo Faber

Cyanotpie auf Papier, Ausstellungsansicht, Engelage & Lieder, 2019, Dominik Geis

Cyanotype on paper | Photo: Engelage & Lieder

Videodox 2021 – Biennal Exposition for Video Art from Bavaria

12 October 2021 - 24 October 2021
VIDEODOX awards the VIDEODOX Prize for Video Art from Bavaria for the 4th time.
From 12 to 24 October 2021, the GALERIE DER KÜNSTLER*INNEN, Munich, will once again be dedicated to video art.

Videodox 2021 – Biennal Exposition for Video Art from Bavaria
Videodox 2021 – Biennal Exposition for Video Art from Bavaria

Since its foundation in 2006, the international film festival UNDERDOX, specialist for films between the arts, also shows video art from Bavaria.
In the first years, the presentation took place as a large-format projection in the cinema. In 2015, the festival, in cooperation with BBK e.V., decided to present video art in an independent exhibition and founded VIDEODOX as the festival’s only award-winning section. The prize was set up to promote the still young art form and is therefore not a prize for young talent aimed exclusively at young artists.
Since then, the biennial exhibition VIDEODOX presents video art from Bavaria in the spacious historical rooms of the Galerie der Künstler.

Nominated for the VIDEODOX Award 2021 are:
Elena Álvarez Lutz, Dominik Bais, Ulu Braun, Georg Gaigl, Dominik Geis, Patricija Gilyte, Max Hattler, Melina Hennicker - Michael Schmidt - Andreas Woller, Felix Klee, Patricia Lincke, Sara Mayoral Jimenez, Michael Mönnich, Christoph Nicolaus Jovana Reisinger, Patrik Thomas, Andres Torres, Camille Tricaud - Franziska Unger, Paul Valentin, Veronika Veit

Special Events on Saturday, 16.10.2021:
11 am Performance by Sara Mayoral Jimenez
2 pm Reading by Jovana Reisinger from her novel "Spitzenreiterinnen" (Verbrecher Verlag), nominated for the Bavarian Book Prize 2021
5 pm Guided tours
Special Events on Sunday, 17.10.2021:
2 p.m. Talk with "REVÜ - Flugblatt für Cinephilie" on the topic: Art between cinema and gallery - possibilities and perspectives of cinematic expression
3 pm Award ceremony

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Performance: NEON GREY | at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf

Performance: Dominik Geis: neon grey
Friday, 25 June 2021 at 4:30 pm
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Grabbeplatz 4, 40213 Düsseldorf

In the vocal performance NEON GREY, Dominik Geis creates a kind of "androgynous" character through his voice by using falsetto singing to evoke female and male figures. Carried by poppy sound collages, synthesizer sounds and surrounded by a video, the voice resounds; and an atmospheric interplay of sound and sound image is created, which somewhat melancholically makes the shades of grey between andro and gyne resonate.

The performance takes place as part of the extensive programme accompanying the exhibition "Journey Through A Body".

Interview: The Dorf - A Day with Dominik Geis

Ole Spötter in conversation with Dominik Geis for The Dorf, 2019 (in german)

Ole Spötter im Gespräch mit Dominik Geis für The Dorf
Ole Spötter im Gespräch mit Dominik Geis für The Dorf | Photo: Kristof Puller

In the context of the exhibition "PULSE" at the david behning gallery, there was an interview with me in the online magazine, the Dorf. Ole Spötter visited the finissage for THE DORF and talked to me about childhood, self-staging and the future.

click here for the interview.... (in german)