Screening: Unscharfe Grenzen, Wien

02.03.2024 | 18:00 h
Fotogalerie Wien, Währinger Strasse 59, Vienna

Johannes Raimann and Dominik Geis have put together a screening programme entitled "Unscharfe Grenzen", which will be shown on 2 March 2024 from 18:00 at Fotogalerie Wien.
Participants: Enya Burger | Dominik Geis | Mira Klug & Johannes Gierlinger | Marian Mayland | Fynn Ribbeck | Johannes Raimann | Hedda Roman| Silke Schönfeld | Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk & Karl Wratschko

NAK Benefiz Auktion 2023

My work "pyramid" is up for auction at the 2023 benefit auction of the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.

In December 2023, the NAK Benefit Auction 2023 will take place completely online in three weekly blogs. You can already register for the auction at

STEREOTYPES | Nara Bak & Dominik Geis | AURA, Düsseldorf

  1. Sep. - 22. Okt. 2023

The exhibition "STEREOTYPES" brings the artists Nara Bak and Dominik Geis into a dialogue about stereotypes as a complex model as a socio-cultural observation that needs to be questioned.
Nara Bak's works are permeated by transparent lines of time, ritual, identity, habit and memory, whose ambivalent complexity questions the unambiguousness of stereotypes. In her video work, she traces rituals in Korea, Düsseldorf and Zurich and combines them with music to question the contemporary meaning of rituals.
Dominik Geis immerses himself deeply in the world of social structures and cultural images in his exploration of the male nude. By collaging various video and visual materials, he uncovers the nuances, ambivalences and ambiguities of power and eroticism, as well as the stereotypes that shape our perceptions of them.

Opening 22 Sep. 2023 6 p.m.
22 Sep - 22 Oct 2023 Sundays 15.00 - 18.00
and by appointment:
AURA Art Space, Birkenstrasse 67, 40233 Düsseldorf, Germany

Supported by Kulturamt Düsseldorf, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Sparkasse Düsseldorf


isn´t it erotic? - NEULAND_Projektraum, Bochum

11.08.2023 - 26.08.2023 | Solo show at Neuland_Projektraum, Bochum

isn´t it erotic?

Opening: 11.08.2023 - 7:00 p.m.
Curated by Beate Gärtner

Wed. - Sat. 6 -22 pm
oder nach Vereinbarung:
beate @ wostpitze . de

Rottstraße 15
44793 Bochum

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