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"Normality is a richly uncertain concept among psychologists and sociologists. Certain recognizable and sufferable types of abnormality have been subsumed by the American sociologist Erving Goffman under the general concept of stigma. It includes physical, mental, and character defects alike. Carriers of a stigma live a difficult life: they are rejected, spread discomfort, cause anxiety among the healthy, endanger their own fragile normal self, as far as the defect is recognizable to everyone. Others, burdened with secret stigma, must deny, deceive, play to continue to be considered normal; they live in fear of discovery and isolation. Lonely are both. [...]"
Tilmann Moser on Erving Goffman's "Stigma"

Found-Footage-Videocollage, 16:9, 31:20 Min 2020