7 channel-found-footage-video-collage, 16:9, 18:45 min

pulse, 7-Kanal-Found-Footage-Videocollage, 2019, Dominik Geis
pulse, 7-Kanal-Found-Footage-Videocollage, 18:45 Min, 2019


In his 7-channel video installation "PULSE", Geis examines the media and culturally shaped body aesthetics of male structures of violence. Seven screens, set up freely in the room on telescopic poles to form a kind of arena, surround the viewer. The viewer can move freely within the arena, but can never see all the screens at the same time. The screens pulsate - in no discernible order - in three colours and change the images to atmospheric music; interrupted by pulsating carotid arteries in close-up, underpinned by a male narrator's voice giving a scientific lecture on various forms of the pulse. A spiral is created, beginning with the imitative play of bodybuilders, wrestlers and wrestlers and continuing to the sometimes deadly seriousness of the clash between rival hooligan groups, thus tracing the mechanisms inscribed in male violence that are still valid today.

7 channel-found-footage-video-collage, 16:9, 18:45 min 2019